I couldn’t fault my training year with Victor and Sabina. They are both excellent trainers with heaps of experience and patience, and also great friends. They always had time to help me learn and encouraged me to be the best person and dentist I could be. The staff at the practice are brilliant and also readily willing to help you learn and grow as a dentist.

Having spoken to other trainees in the same scheme as me, after our training year was finished, it was clear how much more Victor and Sabina helped me compared to other trainers. Not only with dentistry, but also my continuing career; finding a job after training and understanding the business of dentistry and the dynamic of the NHS. They even encouraged and helped me to submit my clinical audit for publication in a dental periodical, which was a great addition for my C.V.!

I am so privileged to have had Victor and Sabina as my trainers. Once you have them, you will never be alone in your dental career. Victors saying ‘Once a trainer, always a trainer’, both he and Sabina believe in and abide by. They are still there at the end of the phone for me if I need advice, or just a friend to talk to, 6 years after I started there. Not many people can say they have that!

Catherine Turner 

My vocational training was a memorable and enjoyable experience, which makes me smile five years on. After having left university I was very nervous about entering the world of Dentistry, but Sabina and Victor put me at ease from the very beginning with their friendly and accommodating manner. I learnt and was able to become confident in all aspects Dentistry and these skills remain with me today. Victor and Sabina were always very supportive and easy to approach: Having two such experienced trainers really meant I could learn from the best!!

Arvinder Sagoo 

I couldn’t have asked for better trainers in Victor and Sabina. Not only have I learnt a tremendous amount from them, but we are now also lifelong friends. 8 years on, I still use the skills and tips they taught me in my training year daily.   

Shephall dental practice is an extremely welcoming place, the continuous support from Victor, Sabina and their staff allowed me to flourish from being a shy newly qualified dentist into a confident all-rounder. 

My year as an fd was invaluable and I truly believe I am where I am today because of my amazing trainers!

 Avni Samani

My first day in practice after the university was a daunting one. Victor and Sabina made me feel at ease immediately. 

My first year in dentistry was made simple, enjoyable and especially productive under my two fantastic mentors. 

After the experienced tutelage imparted by Victor and Sabina I feel confident with anything I do. Any dentist would find being taught under them incredibly beneficial, and I count myself extremely privileged to be among the Shephall alumni.

Lomas Patel

The best thing about Shephall Dental for me was having 2 VT trainers. I loved being able to bounce ideas of them both, and seeing 2 different approaches to the same case was invaluable for my learning.

 Thanks to the varied patient base I was able to complete a wide variety of cases, and left my VT position both competent and confident for life as a GDP. 

Both Victor and Sabina are approachable and nurturing I couldn’t have asked for 2 better trainers!

Krupesh Patel

I was lucky enough to have my VT year at Shephall, under the guidance of Victor and Sabina. The reason I chose the practice is that I really got the feeling that both trainers were passionate about teaching and encouraging trainee’s to develop their skills. I wasn’t mistaken! I was given all the facilities and guidance, at my own pace, to develop the skills that I wanted to work on, and fill gaps in my clinical skills that I hadn’t developed properly at dental school. I genuinely finished my VT year feeling so confident about being on my own in general practice.

Ravi Ganatra

I was lucky enough to do my foundation training year at Shephall dental practise with Victor and Sabina. I can easily say this is the year that made me the dentist I am today.  

Victor and Sabina aren’t just the most supportive trainers you’ll ever meet, they are like your dental family who are there for you not just for your FD year but for life. You could not ask for better trainers who bring such different things to the table.  

My year at Shephall gave me the opportunity to carry out a range of treatment including a variety of aesthetic dentistry. It helped me develop my skills as a clinician. Having multiple dentists on hand for assistance at the practise means you are constantly learning and developing new skills.  

The team at Shephall really are one of a kind and you couldn’t ask for a better training practice then them.

Priya Radia 

I started my vocational training year in 2006 at Shephall dental surgery. Victor and Sabina made the year thoroughly enjoyable from the start.

They both have a wealth of knowledge and with their open door policy, I felt my knowledge expand rapidly from an under confident undergraduate to a young dentist ready to start her career as an associate.

The practice had a varied patient base and I was given the freedom to carry out all the dentistry I needed to develop my skills with a wide variety of materials made available.

Victor and Sabina are passionate about education and will go above and beyond to support a dentist who is willing to learn.

A fantastic practice to start off at with a great supportive team.

Shivani Patel

I had the most invaluable experience working as an FD at Shephall Dental Practice, learning from two incredible trainers. You will be able to provide a variety of dental treatments to your patients whilst having the time to improve on the quality of your work. The trainers have an open door policy and I genuinely mean this. They are so approachable in every way whether it’s to do with dentistry or not. During my year, with the help of Victor Gehani, I was even able to publish my first article in a dental magazine which has since helped me to progress in my career. Aside from the dentistry the team are incredibly helpful, easy to get along with and a good laugh. I wish I could re-do my FD year. It really was amazing! 

Puja Kalawadia

I couldn’t have asked for better VT trainers than Victor and Sabina. Their broad dental knowledge and experience proved invaluable during my VT year, this in turn allowed me to finish the year confident in my abilities and ready to tackle life as a GDP. Not only have they become life long mentors for me but truly like family.

Dipal Patel